March 22, 2023


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White Land Snail Achatina fulica White Jade

White Land Snail Achatina fulica White Jade

White Jade Land Snail in Chinese we called it Báiyù wōniú 白玉蜗牛

They different from the more common Giant African Land Snail by having a paler shell and a white body, making them an attractive addition to any ones collection. Their shell can reach up to 7 inches in length and can make great pets for children, as they are easy to care for and have no risk of biting or scratching.

A glass tank with a secure ventilated lid is the best set up for this species of snail. They enjoy burrowing into their substrate, and their tank should consist of a deep layer of quality, unfertilised top soil substrate, bark chips or coconut bedding with a scattering of moss. The substrate should be kept damp at all times to maintain a high humidity in the tank. If the humidity is too low then the snails may estivate, sealing their shells with a layer of dry mucus. Don’t panic if this happens, they are not dead and will quickly wake up once the humidity is raised by giving them a good spray.

White Jade Land Snail

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All African land snails do well in centrally heated homes, providing care is taken to avoid the tank getting too dry, and usually require no additional heating. In cool rooms however it may be necessary to provide some heat to keep them at about 22 – 25 centigrade.

You can decorate the tank in a variety of ways, such as using plant pots, bark or smooth edged artificial plants for the snail to climb and hide in. Some people like to use live, edible plants but these are quickly eaten. It is imperative that you make sure any plant you put in is non-toxic.

These pretty snails enjoy a mixed diet of fruit and vegetables; this includes lettuce, cucumber, strawberries, carrots and many more. Snails need access to calcium, which they use to make their shells. This can be supplied by placing a cuttlefish shell in the cage. The snails will eat the shell, scraping at it with their toothed tongue, and it should be replaced once the soft section has been completely eaten. You can also provide calcium by sprinkling plain Calcidust over the food. Do not use calcium powder which has vitamin D3 added, Make sure you handle your snail with care, and always wash your hands before and after handling them.

Fry snails with green chili

fry snails with green chili is a famous dishes in China and Taiwan.White jade snail is a new breeding project in recent years.

It is also listed as the first of the four famous dishes in the world. Its meat is tender, and it is rich in nutrients.

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