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Vivo S5 officially released Geometric diamond ID stunning appearance

Vivo S5 officially released Geometric diamond ID stunning appearance

Vivo S5 officially released Geometric diamond ID stunning appearance.

On November 14th, 2019, vivo held a “Beautiful Night” theme new product launch at the International Show of Hangzhou Yishang Town, bringing a new camera phone vivo S5 for young people.

Its innovative geometric diamond four-shot breaks through the traditional ID design thinking, bringing a new fashion trend to young users with independent aesthetics. Vivo S5 rear 48 million ultra-clear four-shot, front 32 million texture self-timer and 5 super-quality beauty program, reconstruct self-timer experience, to ensure that the young group comprehensive and personalized camera needs.

Geometric diamond ID design, scientific and aesthetic innovation

From the screen fingerprint to the lift camera to the unbounded waterfall screen, in the field of mobile phone form design,

vivo has been actively exploring and never stopped. The geometrical rhombus aesthetic design brought by the latest vivo S5 further embodies the spirit of vivo exploration. Its back camera and flash area are arranged in a diamond shape, like a shining diamond,

which fully demonstrates the distinctiveness of the vivo S5, and it also reflects the sparkling youth of the vivo S5 user group.

Vivo S5 has three colors of Icelandic love songs, Mirage Blue, and Star Black. The color scheme is inspired by the mysterious nature,

and the designers have fixed their singularity on the back cover of the phone. The new Icelandic love song gradients exude a unique romantic atmosphere. In the craftsmanship of Icelandic song color, the designer combines the industry’s leading nano-sputter coating, gravure gradient offset printing and UV transfer grating texture to create a vivid visual effect, while taking into account the fuselage fiber. thin. Finally, after more than a hundred fine-tuning by the designer,

the fantastic Aurora gradient is presented on the back cover of the vivo S5 phone.

The Vivo S5 features a 6.44-inch 20:9 ratio 2400*1080 resolution Super AMOLED perforated screen.

It has the industry’s smallest front camera aperture, and its aperture is only 2.98 mm. The tiny opening makes the visual effect more complete. . In addition, the screen supports HDR10 display, which makes the screen dynamic range wider and the contrast between light and dark is stronger. Not only that, the vivo S5’s screen can also reduce harmful blue light,

reduce power consumption, and has a low-brightness anti-screen flash function, which can effectively alleviate the visual fatigue caused by long-term use. At the same time, the vivo S5 uses vivo’s industry-leading screen fingerprint technology. As the leader of mobile phone screen fingerprints, vivo S5 combines the precipitation of previous generations of technology. The screen fingerprint sensing area has doubled compared with the previous generation vivo S1 Pro, the detection area has increased by 27%, the dynamic range has increased by 30%, and the fingerprint recognition speed has been improved. It is 0.38 seconds. In addition, the vivo S5 has added a variety of unlocking effects, which will bring users an unprecedented unlocking experience.

32 million texture self-timer, 5 heavy super-quality beauty shot

Vivo new products can bring surprises to young consumers in self-timer, this time is no exception. The vivo S5 features a front-facing 32-megapixel HD camera and re-creates a 5-fold super-quality look. “5-fold super-feeling beauty” is a new-generation beauty program independently developed by vivo, which includes rejuvenating skin color, texture skin, vitality beauty, smart beauty, fine facial features, and five major areas for human face. Make more comprehensive and exclusive optimizations. This program is not only an iterative update of a beauty program, but also a new breakthrough in the history of vivo self-timer.

Vivo S5 also brings a new camera posture function to young people, which can provide pose guidance when taking pictures. Currently, there are 144 pose options, including 35 self-portrait poses. The pose of the post-scene can be used to achieve up to three people in the same box, making multi-player more interesting and more stylish. Vivo S5 also customized four star poses and exclusive filters for the fans of the spokesperson Cai Xukun, and the photos are more star-shaped. With high-quality beauty effects and rich photo-playing, vivo believes that the new generation of self-timer artifacts in the S-series will be so hot.

48 million ultra-clear four-shot, easy to navigate multiple scenes

Mobile photography is an important way for younger generations to record their lives. The characteristics of young people’s love of expression, love of records, and love of travel make the comprehensive performance of mobile phone photography more and more important. For this reason, the new vivo S5 is equipped with a high-profile 48 million four-camera solution, 48 million ultra-clear main shooting, 8 million-pixel super wide-angle, 5 million-pixel depth-of-field and 2 million-pixel macro lens combination, providing young people with Professional multi-scene shooting experience. Whether it’s a memorable little detail in life, or a vast view of the journey, you don’t need to bring professional equipment, a vivo S5 can easily record.

Vivo S5’s 48 million ultra clear master photo, the photo is not afraid to enlarge, clear and sharp.

The vivo S5 is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens of 8 megapixels and a super-large field of view of 120 degrees.

The wide scenery such as sunrise and sunset, mountains and seas, under the super wide-angle lens of vivo S5,

the visual field effect is even more shocking. Vivo S5 also has a depth of field lens, which can detect object depth information,

and cooperate with chip-level depth real-time processing to achieve professional background blur effect, giving users a more prominent protagonist. The 2 megapixel macro lens allows users to capture the micro world at zero distance.

Under the strong light, the poor image quality of mobile phones has always been a difficult problem in the industry.

The Super HDR feature of the vivo S5 will greatly improve this problem. It has an ultra-high dynamic range of up to 12.3eV,

making it easy to handle a wide range of high light ratio environments. When shooting in backlight, the vivo S5 can intelligently identify the light environment, adjust the exposure strategy according to the intensity of the light,

and automatically select the appropriate number of photos to synthesize,

thus effectively optimizing the image quality of the backlit photo. Vivo S5 also supports rear handheld super night scene shooting,

based on vivo’s powerful night scene algorithm, 12 to up to 16 photos multi-frame noise reduction combined into a high-quality night landscape photo, for the user to restore the most realistic night, let the night scene photos more Bright and clear.

Powerful performance, comprehensive upgrade of entertainment experience

In terms of hardware performance, the vivo S5 is equipped with a 10nm process Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 eight-core processor for a smarter experience and better performance. For other configurations, the vivo S5 comes standard with an 8GB+128GB storage combination for a smooth experience. Vivo S5 also supports 22.5W flashcharge flash charging, long-term use does not need to worry about battery life. The independently developed vivo Multi-Turbo provides users with an immersive gaming experience. Not only that, the new artificial intelligence Jovi has a caring service, voice alarm clock, call the car, and actively remind the weather changes, etc., to bring users more convenient and convenient technology life.

In 2019, the vivo S series, which combines fashion design and cutting-edge technology, shines. After half a year of exploration,

the fully upgraded vivo S5 has greatly improved its fashion attributes and comprehensive strength. The new vivo S5 will become a young expression. A new generation of mobile phones with a sense of life. The price of the vivo S5 is: 8GB+128GB, 2698 yuan;

8GB+256GB, 2998 yuan, with the vivo fast charge mobile power purchase can also enjoy the package price concessions.

Vivo S5 will start pre-sale on November 15th in vivo official website, vivo official experience store and major e-commerce,

and will be officially launched on November 22.

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