March 22, 2023


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Vietnamese food (and drink) mashups you MUST try

(Vietnamese FOODS) They’re creative, unique & despite

How Vietnamese foods sound, they’re all delicious.

Vietnamese food is so delicious

From the cronut to the ramen burger, the world is in love with the mashup.

Here are five home-grown Vietnamese offerings you can go out and sample today.

1. Pho Beer, FURBREW (Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City)


“When I moved to Vietnam to make craft beer,” says Thomas Bilgram, master brewer at FURBREW, a Hanoi-based brewery, “one of the goals was to use the many tastes and aromas of Vietnam. In our pho beer, I use the spices from the local market, and treat them like any local mother would, by roasting them over an open fire to release the oils.”

While it’s certainly not the kind of beer you’d want to drink all night (“It’s a good beer to drink when drinking good beer,” as Bilgram puts it), Bia Pho is much more than a marketing gimmick; don’t expect it to come with a side dish of beansprouts. Instead, each element has been carefully considered. It’s a standout beer in its own right, with deep, evolving and beautifully aromatic pho-inspired flavors.

“It took me three months to make the right recipe,” adds Bilgram. “We play with Vietnamese flavors often. We have a lime leaf wheat ale on tap right now, and we just made a beer with lemongrass, ginger, black garlic, and tamarind.”- Justplay18

2. Fish sauce gelato, Ralf’s Artisan Gelato (HCMC)


In his backroom “laboratory”, as he calls it, using only a handful of high-quality, all-natural ingredients in the traditional artisanal way, German-born Saigon resident Ralf Ehresmann has been busy since opening his District 1 shop in August 2016. In addition to an ever-rotating lineup of “normal” flavors such as coffee, raspberry, chocolate, mango, and vanilla, it’s his more unusual creations that have caused the biggest stir so far. Beer gelato? Yes, that was his. Beef pho flavor? Yep, he did that too, blending three entire bowls of pho bo tai (including the meat) and adding them into the mix. “It was a bit too powerful!” he says laughing.

But it’s Ralf’s nuoc mam gelato that everyone’s talking about, and for all the right reasons: It’s amazing.

3. Chicken skin nachos, BiaCraft Artisan Ales (HCMC)


They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That’s exactly how one craft beer bar came up with this finger-licking combo.

Taking inspiration from a Thai snack, and using readily-available chicken skins—an ingredient more commonly used in Vietnamese stocks and soups—Gustafson and his head chef set about creating what is now perhaps the best drinking snack the city has ever seen.

Served in racks of nine, the skins are crisp and incredibly flavorsome, yet somehow stay light and moreish. Topped with pork, sour cream, gooey cheese, a slice of warming jalapeño pepper, and a beer vinegar barbecue sauce, they might be even better than the traditional nachos they were trying to emulate.

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