March 22, 2023


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Try dried beef salad in downtown Hanoi

Try dried beef salad in downtown Hanoi

Dried beef salad on Ho Hoan Kiem Street is a major attraction for both tourists and locals in the capital city.

This street in the downtown district of Hoan Kiem is famous for its delicious food, especially dried beef salad.

There are three shops selling this dish in the 52 meter street which is said to be Hanoi’s shortest street.

It is not difficult to make out the ingredients in a bowl of dried beef salad. A few minutes after they order guests get a bowl of shredded green papaya with diced dried beef, a few slices of roasted pork, a layer of herbs, and peanuts sprinkled on top.

The sweet and sour sauce is indispensable. One owner said while all the shops on the street have the same ingredients in the dish, their sauces differ.

Customers should first mix the ingredients together so that sauce is fully absorbed into the salad. You will feel the crunchy papaya even if it is immersed in fish sauce. The tough and salty dried beef blends with the sweet and sour taste of garlic vinegar and the spicy flavor of chili.

Fatty peanuts and the aroma of the herbs further add to the taste. You can add a little chili sauce if you like.

Besides dried beef salad, the shops on Ho Hoan Kiem Street also serve spring rolls, clear shrimp and pork dumplings, fried fermented pork roll, and other dishes.

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