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Top 100 car ranking 2019

Top 100 car ranking 2019

Forbes 2019 brand top 100: Toyota won the car first, Volkswagen fell out of the list

On NOV 23, Forbes released The World’s Most Valuable Brands (hereinafter referred to as the “Top 100”).

There are 11 car brands on the list. Among them, Toyota brand value is still the highest, Porsche exceeds Chevrolet, Volkswagen fell out of the list. Compared with the previous year’s list, other brands except Toyota have declined.

Among the 11 car brands on the list, luxury brands account for nearly half (5). Among them, Mercedes-Benz and BMW ranked second and third in the brand value of the automobile industry. The brand value of the two brands differed by only more than 3 billion US dollars, and in 2010, they were 33.2 billion US dollars (-3%) and 298 Billion dollars (-5%) respectively, ranked 17th and 21st in the top 100. Compared with the previous year, the rankings of the two dropped by 4 and 1 respectively.

The brand value of Audi 2019 is 14.2 billion US dollars, less than half of Mercedes-Benz BMW. In the automotive industry, the brand value ranks fifth, and the top 100 list ranks 41, down 4 seats from the previous year. No wonder there is a saying that “in foreign countries, Audi can’t be called luxury.”

Porsche ranked seventh, with a brand value of $11 billion in 2019, up 1% from the previous year, and 62 in the top 100, more than Chevrolet ($10.7 billion, 63). The Lexus brand value reached $9.6 billion, ranking 9th in the automotive industry and 72th in the top 100.

Among other listed car brands, Toyota’s 2019 brand value is 44.6 billion US dollars, which is basically the same as last year. It ranks 9th in the top 100 list, ranking the highest in the automotive industry, and the only top 10 car brands. . At the same time, Toyota is also the only car brand that has not fallen.

Honda’s brand value in 2019 was 25.8 billion US dollars, ranking fourth, ranking 28th in the top 100 list, down four places. Compared with Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan and Hyundai last year, there were more than five rankings in the top 100 rankings. Among them, modernity dropped the most, from 75 in 2018 to 94 in 2019.

However, it is worth mentioning that the brand value of the Volkswagen brand in 2018 is 7.9 billion US dollars, ranking 90, but in 2019 it missed the top 100 list.

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