December 7, 2022


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The Newly Elected Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson will head to Downing Street later after taking over from Theresa May as prime minister.

The new Conservative leader will get to work on Wednesday evening following a group of people with the Queen at Buckingham Palace and to report a grip of senior bureau posts, including chancellor of the exchequer and home secretary in entering Downing Street.

Sources near Boris Johnson state his top group will reflect “present day Britain” which expected him to use the opportunity to increase the number of women in full cabinet positions and boost the representation of ethnic minorities.

Mr Johnson won a decisive victory over Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in a vote of Tory members – picking up a 66.4% all out portion of the vote

Discussions are say to be “progressing” between Mr Hunt and Mr Johnson about the foreign secretary’s next job.

What happen to Boris Johnson next?

After his victory, Mr Johnson said his priorities were to deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The ex-mayor of London is rely upon to address the country for the first time outside Downing Street at about 16:00 BST in the wake of tolerating the Queen’s welcome to shape a legislature.

That will pursue Theresa May officially giving her resignation as prime minister at Buckingham Palace.

After that he will make a speech in Downing Street where he will be invited to form a government before entering the building for the first time as prime minister.

Later, he will begin announcing his most senior cabinet appointments, such as chancellor, home secretary and foreign secretary, and will make and take his first calls from other world leaders.

Thursday: Mr Johnson is expected to make a statement to Parliament about his Brexit strategy and take questions from MPs. Parliament will break up for its summer recess later.

The new PM will also continue announcing his new cabinet.

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