December 7, 2022


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The fastest way to fund your dream through cryptocurrency crowdfunding concept

Crowdfunding concept

A globalized cryptocurrency crowdfunding concept that help u earn triple profit within a short period.


Poolfun is the first crowdfunding platform by using cryptocurrency with fully automation system handling & distributing funds from member to member that running a unique 2×2 follow me matrix and receive donation over and over again.

Poolfun comes with 2 type of crowdfunding concept:

Basic Crowdfunding– A 50/50 Donations based digital cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform where you can earn Ethereum coin at the top of every hour.

International Crowdfunding– A First-In-First-Out type of crowdfunding that able to perform Funds from all over the world to be fully automated placement by our System. As the system will always give 100% funds from the “LAST CONTRIBUTOR” to the “First CONTRIBUTOR”* .

There will be no any middleman, and no waiting needed for you to withdraw your money out. Moreover, you always receive 3x times profit return with just one-out-of-pocket.

How to join? 

  1. You need to register account from your direct sponsor in Poolfun.
  2. Then you need to verify and activate your account.
  3. After that, you need to login and Deposit ETH coin to your wallet.
  4. After deposit, now you can purchase ticket to join basic package.
  5. Once purchase ticket, you now can purchase basic package and start getting funds.
  6. Now You can get 50% from every sponsoring reward, Maximun 3 times of your package, Example: 0.5 ETH will get 1.5 ETH.
  7. After you get 3 times earning of your package, the system will disqualify your account and now you can re-entry for the new game and system will automatic upgrade your account to 2nd level package.


To learn more about us, visit us in Poolfun 

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