December 7, 2022


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Snakehead Fish Breeding Mating

benih Ikan gabus

Snakehead Fish Breeding tips, here are some ways to do a day-to-day for Snakehead Fish Breeding.
This type of Snakehead Fish or known as Ikan Haruan, In Indonesia they called it Ikan Gabus.

Set up a pond, (preferably a ground-floor cement pond) over it to prevent the fish from jumping out.

Put some pairs of parentheses on, also place water plants in it such as bunting plants and other suitable plants.

Daily feeding of the most suitable foods of skin or boiled chicken fat can also be provided.

This floating food pellet is a type of floating market that can be tried, at first it may not eat, but it may take some time.

The most favorite food for everyday fish is live food (fish and shrimp) is on sale at the aquarium, but can we buy it everyday?

You can boiled chicken skin has tried and eaten it because it smells like meat maybe you can try it yourself.

For those who are serious about breeding fish, I suggest setting up a pond near the river where there are many fish such as fish and shrimp and can be easily caught using a fishing net or hook. Or set up a large pond and include as many seabirds and shrimp caught nearby. feed on a daily basis until they have truly breed, and then start your own fish farm on this day.

Snakehead Fish Breeding Mating

When they are mature enough and mating. The female parent will produce the offspring, the color red as we are usually see it. Currently, children cannot be separated from their mother.

If it is observed at dusk, children will enter their mother’s mouth. the next morning his mother will release them. This happened every day until these children changed color from red to black (half an inch in size) now that they were able to become independent and begin to separate from their mother.

Video below show how Snakehead Fish Breeding and mating in Indonesia


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