December 7, 2022


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Delicious Saigon Street Foods to Discover on Site

Saigon is a culinary paradise for many kinds of delicious soups 

The Saigon city promises to deliver the full-stomach experiences to all foodies who travel for the unique and happy dining moments

For anybody that intends to have a Saigon Food Tour, a quick glimpse of the most favorite Saigon street foods in the city alleys can encourage them to see Saigon.

#1: Vietnamese Crab Soup (Súp Cua)


The bamboo carts found on the back alleys of Saigon which sell Vietnamese crab soup become the inviting addresses, especially for breakfast.

The fantastic soup includes some pieces of crabs, mushroom, quail eggs, cilantro, pepper, chili, and some other seasonings.

The attractive bowl of this crab soup is the top breakfast choice for many pedestrians who are looking for a fantastic thing to eat. – JUSTPLAY18

#2: Moc Noodle (Bún Mộc)


This is the appetizing noodle soup that is common in the Saigon local morning markets.

The bowl should include rice noodle, cilantro, pepper, shallot, chili sauce, etc., and the special broth for the plain taste.

With the use of less cinnamon sweetness for spicing, the pork broth of this noodle soup is plain and nutrient and has the mushroom flavor.

The ingredients of the dish and its flavor reflect the “simple” concept resulting in the name “Mộc” (Simple).

The pork broth combined with mushroom, crispy shallots, pepper, chili, etc., makes the bowl of Moc noodle the preferable breakfast soup down Saigon alleys.

#3: Mam Noodle (Bún Mắm)


It is easy to stumble into the street food carts in the city alleys in which the friendly vendors sell the mouth-watering Mam noodle.

This is a kind of seafood noodle stew including the rice vermicelli, the broth of fermented fish sauce, seafood, pork, eggplant, and some kinds of herbs and vegetables.

Originally, this kind of soup comes from the Southern Vietnam in which people prefer making the broth from the fermented fish sauce.

The fishy smell is strong but the taste is enchanting, and you can even be attracted by the dish from a distance.

#4: Beef Stew (Bò Kho)


The other fantastic food to eat in Saigon alleys must be the beef stew.

The broth can be consumed with egg noodles or the bread and consists of the tender beef, shallots, carrots, and a variety of herbs.

While some foodies cherish the wonderful flavor, the others appreciate the nutrient effect of this dish thanks to the use of various healthy herbs.

For anybody that loves stews and curries, the beef stew in Saigon becomes the hot item to slurp anytime of the day.

Due to the self’s interest, order the beef stew version served with either egg noodles or bread.

#5: Fried Rice Flour Cake (Bột Chiên)


The Saigon markets are usually dotted with some stalls serving the Vietnamese fried rice flour cakes.

It’s easy to pinpoint the carts with the sign for “Bột Chiên.” The dish is hot, succulent, and attractive.

The sellers only make it upon your order which ensures that you can savor the hot cakes.

Often, it includes the rice flour, tapioca starch, egg, spring onion, green papaya, and some seasonings.

The fried cake might be greasy to some people but in general, it is delicious enough to fulfill your stomach in a happy manner.

The key to the success of this snack is the dark sauce which is not too strong but slightly sour, salty, and sweet. It creates the balanced taste!

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