March 22, 2023


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Pork satay-Babi sate jakarta,Indonesia

Babi satay

Babi sate is Indonesian language which mean Pork satay, is one of the popular foods for pork lovers in Jakarta, there are many places that serve pork satays as their special dish. Not too difficult to find a babi sate in Jakarta,Indonesia

Here is recommendations one of the most delicious babi sate you can find in Jakarta. In addition to the delicious pork satays is also already legendary because of the taste and quality.

Pork satay-Babi sate jakarta,Indonesia

Pork satay in town

Picture above shows one of the famous babi sate stall hanging with a yellow banner ”KEDAI BABI SATE”write on,is just located behind the mosque in Jakarta.The price is still fairly cheap from the price of Rp 6,500-Rp 7,500 .

Pork satay-Babi sate jakarta,Indonesia

About pork satays has been ascertained,babi sate in Jakarta that has a good taste and legend.

Typical of marinade so one of the reasons why pork satay in Jakarta is taste good and delicious.


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