March 31, 2023


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New mural village paints tourism opportunities in Quang Ngai Vietnam

New mural painting in Quang Ngai (Vietnam)

They might not be ninja turtles, but vivid wall-paintings on an islet in Quang Ngai Province are proving a hit with tourists.

(Quang Ngai) Tam Thanh Village in Quang Nam Province

Has emerged as a new tourist destination after being brightened up with murals last year thanks to a joint project between Vietnam and South Korea.

However, a rival mural village has just been unveiled on An Binh Islet, Ly Son District, Quang Ngai Province.

Quang Ngai

There are 18 paintings on the islet, which is fewer than Tam Thanh,

but these masterpieces were painted by Vietnamese volunteers whereas those in Tam Thanh were all daubed by South Korean artists.

Quang Ngai

The murals are the result of a project themed “I love the sea and islands/Born to live wild”,- JUSTPLAY18

co-organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Ly Son Marine Protected Area in early June.

Quang Ngai

Only 11 murals were planned at the beginning, but locals decided to try their hands and the number rose to 18.

Hong Minh, a volunteer, told that it took 10 artists 10 days to complete 10 paintings, after which volunteers stepped in and started working on railings and water jars.

Local authorities hope the paintings will change local people’s attitudes towards the marine environment, especially to wild animals.

The murals should also lure more tourists to Ly Son

Quang Ngai

Sea turtles feature in many of the murals as the islet is among the few places in Vietnam they can still be found, but their numbers are falling.

Quang Ngai

Tourists enjoy having their photos taken by the colorful walls. Before the project, the islet’s services were limited to swimming, diving and camping.

Quang Ngai

According to Kim Dong, a tour operator on An Binh, the number of tourists has risen sharply.

Taking a boat out is a great way to explore the islet.

Quang Ngai

Paddling a coracle and diving are popular activities among tourists. It costs VND60,000 (over $2.6) per person for a group of three or four, including life jackets and goggles.

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