December 7, 2022


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LOL-League of Legends gaming news

IEM to drop (LOL)League of Legends due to scheduling conflicts, mostly.

The Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) tournament circuit will be removing League of Legends(LOL)
from their current season due to scheduling conflicts.

The news was announced by IEM organizer Michael Blicharz on Reddit,

citing differences of timing in their tournaments with that of
Riot Gaming that prevented both organizations from
melding their timetable into one that accommodates all League players.
Riot, who were also the creators and the main owners of League,
holds considerable authority over League tournaments.

LOL-League of Legends gaming news

The MSI and the World Championship Series, two of the largest international tournaments of the game are both almost exclusively hosted by the company.

And with Riot hinting on plans to host even more such tournaments in the future scheduling conflicts is expected to arise against IEM tournaments.

Furthermore, while traditionally there had been planned breaks in the LCS regular season for teams to participate in IEM, Blicharz indicated that would no longer be the case going forward in his Reddit post.

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In the last three IEM tournaments which featured League (IEM Katowice, IEM Gyeonggi, IEM Oakland) a notable amount of League teams declined invitations to feature,

a fact that seems apparent for an impending complete divorce for Riot and League,

despite Blicharz’s leaving the door open for re-including League in the future.

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