March 22, 2023


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Aquaculture for IKAN HARUAN or known as SNAKE HEAD FISH 

Breeding this ikan haruan takes about 7 – 10 months before harvesting depending on the species, management methods, water quality and stock density in the pond. The ideal size for fish is to harvest when it weighs about 600 grams to 1 kg per market requirement.

The way to harvest the fish is to use a fishing net 4-5 times.

At the last time the pond will be dried and harvest all the fish in the pond until it is collected. Collected fish are included in barrels containing clean water for live sale. The fish is graded before being shipped to the buyer.

Studies show that production rates of 12-20 metric tonnes or yields of 9-15 kg / square meter.Prices range from RM 18.00 – RM 22.00 per kg and on the market for retail at around RM 15.00 – RM 18.00 per kilogram. What is the nutritional value of this fish?

Many believe that fish are a good source of Arachindonic Acid for the purpose of healing internal injuries especially after surgeries or surgeries. This fish contains many vitamins, amino acids, proteins and mucus and also has some of the calories that are useful for the health and beauty of the skin. I like to eat fried fish for breakfast with hot rice. The Chinese love to eat snake head fish cook and boil in soup for health and for optimum nutritional fish nutrition. Currently, many entrepreneurs have succeeded in producing fish essence that is being sold as a health supplement.

Video below show Big Snakehead Fish 

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