December 7, 2022


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It takes guts to try these iconic dishes from Vietnam’s northern hills

The northwest region never fails to deliver delightful surprises

Dishes from Vietnam’s northwest is best known for the landscapes.

Dien Bien, Mai Chau and Sa Pa, to name a few, have provided the voluptuous backdrops for so many pictures and inspired so many blog posts.

Don’t forget to try these iconic dishes when you’re here.

They are without a doubt some of the best-kept secrets of Vietnam’s rich and unique cuisine.

1/ Rotten buffalo skin


Thai people cover pieces of buffalo skin (with hair) in banana leaves for at least two days.- Justplay18

When the smell comes out, it’s ready. Home cooks will wash and shave the skin first.

The rotten skin will then be dried under direct sunlight. A great ingredient for soups.

2/ Dragonfly nymph


Dragonfly nymphs are caught around March and April near rivers and streams in Dien Bien.

Locals wrap them in banana leaves with minced eel, herbs and spices.

Then they will grill the wrapped mixture under hot burning coal for around 40 minutes.

3/ Bush cricket


The insect usually appears in summer. The easiest way is to fry the crickets with fish sauce, ginger and fresh chili.

When they become crispy, with a caramel-like color, add some lemon leaves.

4/ Stink bug


May is the season of this bug when longan, mango and litchi trees start flowering.

To get rid of their typical smell, northwesterners soak the bugs in rice water for hours before cooking them in pickle juice until they are crispy and dry.

Warning: Badly cooked stink bugs could numb your tongue for a few days.

5/ Bamboo worm


Thai people usually catch worms from bamboo trees between December and January. They steam or fry the worms.

6/ Bees


Although bees should not be messed with, many still try to catch them for food or wine.

7/ Noodlefish


The name says it all. Noodlefish are either white or translucent.

Locals also make them into fish ball, fry them with egg or wrap them in lolot leaves for grilling.

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