March 22, 2023


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The Typical Hanoi Noodle Soups for Vietnamese Breakfasts

Hanoi is a Vietnam’s capital with the bustling street food culture

The food stalls in Hanoi mostly serve the fresh and light meals with an emphasis on herbs, chili, and lime juice to create the diversity of flavors.

The Hanoi street food is one of the healthiest in the world, with all sorts of yummy dishes, including the popular Hanoi noodle soups.

The Hanoi people usually eat the savory noodle soups for breakfast which can be called the “kinglike” culinary joy when they can start the days with the full and happy stomach.

#1: Bún Thang (rice vermicelli with shrimp paste and chicken broth)


This dish refers to a special kind of noodle soup including vermicelli served with thin slices of chicken, omelets, mushroom, chopped herbs, and Vietnamese ham. The thing that makes “Bún Thang” special is a dollop of the secretive shrimp paste.

The magic paste can promote the taste of the other ingredients. In combined with the mild chicken broth, the seasoned shrimp paste can awaken your palate. Sone Hanoians love to have breakfast with “Bún Thang” which can be widely found throughout the capital.

Believably, each region owns the cooking secrets of the broth as well as the shrimp paste. A good address in Hanoi to enjoy this noodle soup is 37 Cua Nam Street. Of course, you can find the favorite eateries which serve “Bun Thang” when wandering around the city.

#2: Miến Lươn (taro vermicelli soup with eels)


Using the major ingredients of noodles, eels, fried shallots, bean sprouts, and cilantro, the complex of “Miến Lươn” stands out as the renowned breakfast choice that most Hanoians love to eat. When the eels are deep fried, it helps remove the fishy smell and create the crunchy taste.

With the combination of noodle, eels, herbs, etc., the dish makes eating breakfast the great enjoyment at the beginning of the day. While some foodies appreciate the nutrient crunchy eels, the other connoisseurs cannot help complimenting the harmonious taste of the whole soup that drives them to slurp it until the last drop.

Together with the eel noodle soup, make sure you don’t miss the eel soup and stir-fried eel at 1 Chan Cam Street, for instance. Justplay18

#3: Bún Ốc (rice vermicelli with snails)


The other fascinating choice for breakfast is the snail noodle soup. The fresh snails should be cooked and arranged in a bowl of the rice vermicelli to create the appealing look. Also, there include the fried tofu and some fresh herbs.

The Vietnamese snails look small, chewy, and nutrient enough to make the bowls mouth-watering, especially in the morning when your stomach needs something savory to be filled happily. When the hot, sweet, and sour broth is poured over the cold ingredients in the bowl, everything becomes compatible and delicious. The bowl is also topped with some slices of the cooked tomatoes.

The chewy taste of the snails makes the whole noodle soup definitely succulent and healthy. Hanoi owns the most authentic “Bún Ốc” food stalls in Vietnam, and one of the oldest places to find it is 6 Hang Chai Street. Note that the outstanding places are crowded with patrons, and sometimes you have to wait until your turn to be served. This is a funny experience to eat like a local.

#4: Bún Riêu (rice vermicelli with minced freshwater mini crabs)


A bowl of “Bún Riêu” is amongst the most favorite choices of not only the Hanoians but also the Vietnamese in general. The dish comprises the vermicelli, minced freshwater mini crabs, freshwater snails, tofu, sliced herbs, banana blossoms, water spinach, etc.

The other cool version of this dish replaces the vermicelli with the instant noodles as many connoisseurs prefer this kind of noodle. In Hanoi, it’s easy to find the places that serve this noodle soup, especially the street vendors.

The ideal address is 13 Hoe Nhai Street, often packed with the local students as the food is yummy while the price is very reasonable.

#6: Bún Cá (rice vermicelli with fish)

Some foodies prefer to start their days with seafood, and the fish noodle soup is always put on the top list. Though being originated from Hai Phong City, “Bún Cá” becomes the very popular and yummy breakfast dish in the capital.

The complex consists of the vermicelli, freshwater fish, fish broth, spring onion, and dill. While the deep-fried fish pieces are crunchy and tasty, the fish soup is just fine enough to delight your delicate palate. For increasing the flavorful enjoyment, some chefs even add the fried fish cakes into the bowls.

The crispy and appetizing fish noodle soup empowers your day with enough energy to feel positive the whole day.

Hanoi is the foodie haven; that is true! Just a walking trip around the city can fulfill your stomach with several local specialties, from the breakfast noodle soups to the iconic dishes for lunch and supper. The cuisine and culture of the capital remain attractive regardless of the time and the wind of changes.

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