March 22, 2023


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Float away on a lotus leaf at this pagoda in southern Vietnam

Big Lotus Leafs

The majestic king lotus is at its magnificent best at this time of year as the floods engulf Dong Thap Province.

Every year when floods immerse the Mekong Delta during September and October, it means tons of fish and alluvial deposits arrive to fertilize the paddy fields.


As the waterways fill up, destinations in the southern provinces of An Giang and Dong Thap usually win the accolades for their breathtaking scenery. Take a look at Phuoc Kien Pagoda in Chau Thanh District, Dong Thap Province to find out why.


These king lotus pads reach their full size during the floods, and you won’t be able to witness this spectacle at any other time of the year.


Each of these giant lotus leaves has a diameter of 2-3 meters and can hold up to 140 kgs (309 lbs)..- JUSTPLAY18


Ponds and lakes containing lotus and water lilies surround the small pagoda, hidden in a rural part of Dong Thap.


If you want to “ride” the huge leaves, locals will help you. The fee is VND20,000 (less than a dollar).


It’s very easy to reach Dong Thap from Saigon.

All you need is a coach ticket that will send you to Cao Lanh Town, the capital of Dong Thap, where you can easily hire a motorbike.

Finding the way to Phuoc Kien Pagoda is not difficult as it is very famous in the area.

Dong Thap has quite developed system of canals for watery transportation and irrigation.

The province has about 10,000 hectares of forestland. Cajuput is specific tree of Dong Thap Muoi region.

There, the system of fauna and flora are multiform with many valuable kinds: tortoise, turtle, snakes, fishes, shrimps, pythons, storks, birds, rice, lotus, water lily, grass, and alga especially red headed cranes.

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