March 22, 2023


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DBSPPGM organization appointed by several Islamic banks in Malaysia.


One of the trusted organization in Malaysia that providing Salary Structuring Program for all government employee throughout Malaysia.

Salary Restructuring Program (DBSPPGM) is one of the programs that helps civil and government employees solve the financial problems they faced.

Through this program, issues like Blacklist, CTOS, CCRIS, AKPK, and Bankruptcy can be resolved in a good way through our help as a processor.

The services?

1. Assisting applicants which was rejected by the Bank.

2. Build and Enchanced your clean personal profile

3. Help you save the benefits of old loans

4. Help to clear the problem CCRIS, CTOS, AKPK and BLACKLIST.

5. Auto Debit but in your pay slip.

6. Help to clear your name from bankcruptcy


  • Assist in solving Salary Deduction Issues Over 60% and 70%
  • Rate as low as 3.11% 10 Years
  • Refund via “Auto Debit”
  • Fixed and contracted positions
  • Both couple individuals income can be taken as qualification to helps reduce cost of living permits
  • Ctos, Ccris, blacklist & AKPK are welcome to apply but with Term and Conditions
  • Only open for Malaysia citizen to register.Help you to solve “SERIOUS DEBT ISSUE”
  • Help you to clean “Bad DEBT Record”
  • Eligible for government staff and selected individual only
  • Eligible for those individual salary over RM3000

For more information, please visit Program Perstrukturan GajiĀ 

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