December 7, 2022


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What Da Nang and Hoi An are serving up for their APEC guests

Da Nang and Hoi An are serving up for APEC guests

When all the talking is done, the two sweethearts of central Vietnam have prepared something for everyone and APEC guest.

10,000 officials have landed in Da Nang for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit this week,

and aside from a where-to-go list that was released weeks before the event, the central city also knows how to satisfy the taste buds.


On top of its what-to-eat list is goi cuon, or fresh summer rolls, and Tran restaurant on Le Duan Street is one of the places where APEC guests will be invited to try these rolls, a popular snack of rice paper wrapped around pork, herbs and rice vermicelli. Photo courtesy of Tran.


Mi quang – noodles eaten with crackers, comes in at second on the list. Originating in Quang Nam, the dish is recognizable for its thin, flat rice noodles which are glazed with a mixture of peanut oil and fried onion.

The broth, usually yellow, typically fills half the bowl when served.- JUSTPLAY18

Bep Trang restaurant on Le Hong Phong Street is where APEC guests will have a chance to sample mi quang. Photo courtesy of Bep Trang.


The third specialty on the list is banh xeo (crispy pancakes). Da Nang has nominated Am Thuc Xeo restaurant on Hoang Van Thu Street and Madame Lan on Bach Dang Street for this dish. Photo courtesy of Am Thuc Xeo.


For bun cha ca (fish cake noodle soup), APEC guests will be invited to two restaurants on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.

The soup is made from fish bone broth while the fish cakes are either steamed or fried. Photo by Truong My Loan.

Phi Lu and Hong Ngoc on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street are the places to be for rice with roasted chicken.



Rice in a clay pot at Truc Lam Vien Restaurant on Yen Bai Street, Nha Do and Ba Ca Bong on Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, and Apsara and Madame Lan on Tran Phu Street is another highlight that Da Nang wants to recommend to its visitors. Photo courtesy of Truc Lam Vien restaurant.


Seafood is not to be missed in Da Nang. San Ho, 4U Beach, Phuoc My 2 and Be Anh are where to try the best seafood in town. Photo by San Ho restaurant.


Those who feel a longing for a taste of home should not be worried as Da Nang has prepared for that. On the list are restaurants specializing in Western, South Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, India and Lao food. Photo by Retro Kitchen and Bar

Khong Gian Xua tourist site is one of the top places for breakfast during APEC. Photo courtesy of Khong Gian Xua.

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