March 22, 2023


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CoinCapStat a real time trading website


CoinCapStat is displays general information, real-time quotes, trades, interactive historical charts and twitter timeline feed for more than 2000 cryptocurrencies.

CoinCapStat Live displays digital coin or known as cryptocurrencies prices, market cap, exchange markets, coin details, charts, crypto news, real-time quotes, trades, interactive historical charts.
Over 1000 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Etherium, Cardano, Stellar, Ripple, Litecoin & many more.

CoinCapStat Live app tracking the price of cryptocurrencies is extremely easy and it’s the best cryptocurrencies price tracking application compatible with several currencies for cryptocurrency lovers.

You can download the CoinCapStat apps on Google Play

Their Main features included:

• Search in a list of altcoins (cryptocurrency) of more than 1,500 altcoins.
• Fast tracker – Save coins in your Favourites
• Live-Charts current Market – Detailed view of current cryptocurrency.
• Pull-to-Refresh
• View Coin Charts by date range
• Coin market exchanges.
• Crypto news – Detailed view of cryptocurrency news.
• Set high and low price alerts and receives notifications to alert you
• Choose Light or Dark theme.
• Stay up to date with all the global news about cryptocurrencies about specific coins.

Get in now on Google Play  



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