December 7, 2022


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Another computer giant suddenly fell! With a loss of 1.9 billion and a debt of 300 billion, this is really coming

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Some people say that the current Internet market competition is like “going against the water, and not going back.” In fact, the times are developing too fast, not only in the Internet industry, you never know who is the next to be eliminated.

So when Dell released its earnings report, its performance dropped by 116%. In the recent quarter, the net loss was 1.9 billion china yuan. When the debt exceeded 300 billion china yuan, the consumers who were Dell computers were shocked. You know, Dell has defeated the computer overlord of Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and other technology giants. Now that the computer giant has crashed down, people still have some reaction. The development of the original era is really so fast, no one expected. This is really coming…

Once Dell was the first in the “100 Giant Enterprise” of the US <<Business Magazine>>, Dell once exceeded the market value of 100 billion US dollars in 2002. In 2005, Dell, the “explosive door” occurred globally; in 2006, Dell, was smashed financial fraud, fined $100 million, and executives collectively airborne rival companies.

Dell, which wants to transform, spends hundreds of billions of dollars to acquire other companies and owes 300 billion china yuan in debt. The effect is not significant. Some netizens said: Dell’s decline is because Dell is only addicted to assembling computers, without its own technological innovations. When the tablet was born, Dell did not even react. When it comes to assembling computers, many netizens have thought of Lenovo

As China’s computer giant, Lenovo’s current situation is also rather embarrassing. Whether it is “5G door” or “Lenovo China”, netizens will not start buying. If you want to transform other electronic products, the effect is not significant. How should the next Lenovo reverse the form? Do you think Lenovo will have a day to return to its peak?

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