March 31, 2023


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Alibaba returns to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing

Alibaba returns to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing

Alibaba returns to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing! The proposed 575 million shares will be issued for the first 20 days


Alibaba returns to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange] On the evening of November 13, Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) submitted preliminary prospectus documents on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange website, and plans to issue 500 million new shares of common stock through the global offering. And listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to reports, Alibaba has been approved to issue shares in Hong Kong, and will start a week-long roadshow for global investors on November 13th, raising funds of 15 billion US dollars, will start trading on November 25.

It is worth mentioning that Alibaba’s listing in Hong Kong is a secondary listing, so it does not need to disclose the prospectus on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As long as Alibaba passes the listing hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, it can be listed on the market.

In response, Alibaba responded to this reporter: Thank you for your attention, please pay attention to the public information disclosed on the exchange website, and there is no other information to disclose. thank you all.

In 2007, Alibaba’s B2B business was listed in Hong Kong. In 2012, Alibaba chose to withdraw from Hong Kong because the “shareholdings” rules of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange did not match the management methods of Alibaba.

For the departure of Alibaba, Chinese brokers believe that Hong Kong’s failure to retain Alibaba is “a shame in Hong Kong’s securities industry.”

In September 2014, Alibaba selected the IPO of the New York Stock Exchange to set the largest IPO record in history. At that time, Jack Ma said in a roadshow in Hong Kong: “Some people say that Hong Kong has lost the opportunity of Alibaba. I think Alibaba has missed Hong Kong.” He also said that Alibaba still loves Hong Kong and will fully Going to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong to open up the world market.

On the evening of December 15, 2017, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced the addition of two chapters to the Main Board Listing Rules. One is to accept different shares of the same stock, and the other is to allow biotech companies that have not yet made a profit or have no income to go public in Hong Kong. By the middle of December 2018, 28 new economic companies including Xiaomi and Meituan had been listed in Hong Kong, raising a total of about 136 billion Hong Kong dollars, accounting for nearly half of the total fundraising in the Hong Kong stock market in 2018. This also makes it possible for Alibaba to go to Hong Kong again.

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