March 22, 2023


Good News Everyday


Support the JUSTPLAY Foundation and core developers directly.

With your help, we can build more advance Apps Game for the  future future.Our mission is to make you happy and enjoy with us.We can all make JUSTPLAY nothing but a memory.THANK YOU for your support.

JUST COPY  our Wallet address below for ”Donation”

Dogecoin : DSgp9kecq2EXdaeGGEEb3xQz1xD2diFenC

Litecoin   : LMpEvBXny1S5raUU2NZvgLPgZbx31m2z3y

Bitcoin    : 1HPTmtX6ivs3LNTa52p6XiqpmBm4wNTyab

PayPal     : [email protected]

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