March 22, 2023


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Things You Can Make In A Rice Cooker

Things You Can Make In A Rice Cooker

It’s not just about making rice, a rice cooker can be used for so much more things!

Just because it’s called a rice cooker, it doesn’t mean that it can only cook rice.

You can use it to do so much more! If you have limited time and space in the kitchen and want to whip out a delicious meal with little effort, the rice cooker is your best kitchen aid.

Here are 7 things you can make with a rice cooker that’ll convince you to either invest in one or start putting your rice cooker to good use!

1. Beans

Depending on the type of beans, cooking them might take some time but with the rice cooker, you won’t have to keep watching over it!

Soak the dried beans in the rice cooker bowl, then drain, rinse and add water to cover the beans.

Turn the rice cooker on and let it cook. After it’s done for the first time, check the water level to ensure the beans are still covered, then cook it again.

Repeat the cycle until the beans are fully cooked. Feel free to add in herbs and seasonings!

2. Frittata


Egg is a highly versatile food so being able to make a Frittata in a rice cooker should come as no surprise!

Simply coat the rice cooker bowl with some butter, whisk some eggs and add some leftover cooked meat, vegetables and cheese into the mixture.

Let it cook on the standard rice setting and you’ll have a meal ready for two in no time!- JUSTPLAY18

3. Steamed Meats and Vegetables

Many rice cookers come with a steaming basket which you can use to steam vegetables, meats, sausages and even fish with minimal effort. The result? A healthy, nutritious meal with fewer items to wash!

4. Mac & Cheese


A quick and easy dish that’s loved by many and it only gets quicker and easier with a rice cooker!

Use any broth and pasta of your choice, and let it cook.

When it goes to the “warm” setting, stir in any shredded cheese variety (Jack, Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella, Gruyere) that you like.

Check back once or twice to ensure that the bottom isn’t burnt.

Give it a good stir, let it get gooey, and you’ll find yourself enjoying a hearty bowl of Mac & Cheese!

5. Pancake

A perfect big breakfast or a sweet dessert! Toss your favorite pancake mix and some fruits, nuts, cream cheese or chocolate chips into the rice cooker bowl, stir everything together, then let the rice cooker work its magic!

No more having to pour multiple batches, watching it over a pan and flipping it to prevent burnt pancakes.

6. Poached Fruits


Fill the rice cooker bowl with a few cups of juice, wine or syrup and then toss in your choice of fruit.

Pears work best, but firm fruits like apples or peaches do the trick as well!

The fruit will soak up the flavors from the liquid resulting in a tender sweet treat.

7. Other Grains

If rice can be cooked in a rice cooker, it’s no surprise that other grains (or even some seeds) can be cooked in there as well.

Quinoa, risotto, polenta, grits, oats and barley can all be cooked nicely with the same water ratio as when it’s being cooked over the stove.

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